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       Welcome to the Shaman’s Home

        You’ve entered into a magical space where love is the ethic, the inner world is seen to create the outer world, and pleasure is the measure of success. In this world we explore the many ways that our minds create our external experiences and we seek ways of shaping those experiences with joy, fun, and wisdom.

       The most powerful thing you can do 

is to be Happy!

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       This website is about pleasure, the Hawaiian shamanism of Huna, and the work of Stewart Blackburn, Shaman of Pleasure. It is full of articles, videos, audio recordings, recipes for shamanic dishes, and ideas about bringing more pleasure into this world, for others as well as for yourself.

       A Shaman of Pleasure? Okay. 

      A shaman is a healer, by definition. He or she generally works with the unseen to bring about a change in the perceived reality of the patient. Shamans have been known to use anything they can, from rattles, drugs, and chants to fasting, high intensity rituals, and long journeys into dark places, to effect the kind of changes they are seeking. A shaman of pleasure simply uses the many resources of pleasure to effect the same kind of healing.

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, 

constitutes our abundance." 


Feeling good adds joy to the world, feeling bad takes it away. Every moment of feeling good is an important contribution to the world. Pleasure is not only the reward for opening up to life, it is a gift to the Earth.

“Pleasure is the object, duty and the goal 

of all rational creatures.” 


         Pleasure. We all like it. We all want more of it. But what is it really? How does it work? And what does it really take to have more of it?  

         We live in a culture that is ambivalent about pleasure and consequentially we aren’t especially skilled at dealing with pleasure. Yet, wanting to feel better is what motivates any of us to do anything.

         This site is about all aspects of pleasure, including how to savor life more, how to let go of fading pleasures, and how to use the power of pleasure effectively.

Trust feeling good. That’s where your power is; 

that’s where your health is.

          There are lots of articles, videos, and audio recordings here about the skills of pleasure and the very gentle but powerful shamanism of Huna. And there's lots more to come through The Pleasure Journal. Subscribe and receive a free  newsletter/blog with new articles about pleasure, shamanism, and what we can do to live even better lives. We're glad to have you here! Please come back often!

            "Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment

                             is all we need, not more.

                                                            Mother Teresa


 © Stewart Blackburn 2015